Steam shower components are the solution to turning your bathroom to a steam shower.

Steam Shower Components

The ultimate in shower luxury. Create the ultimate Steam Shower!

Our HydroSwiss body jet systems can be tailor made to suit your requirement. 
The wall mounted control panel incorporates a high-flow thermostatic mixing valve and flow control, creating an invigorating balanced thermal shower. Multi head showers can be adjusted from rain pattern to pummelling needle jet pattern, while an overhead drench shower saturates you.


  • Multi-head showers with adjustable spray patterns
  • Thermostatic mixing valve for safe temperature control


  • Steam
  • HydroLighting System
  • Audio System
  • In wall options
  • Custom design available

Hydroco - the steam shower manufacturer

HydroCo is an Australian-based design and manufacturing company with a reputation for delivering premium products and services to the wellness industry. From humble beginnings as a hydrotherapy manufacturer in Melbourne, Australia, HydroCo have grown into a global operation. With our office in Melbourne we have touched more than 1000 spas in over 50 countries in the last decade.

Every hydrotherapy unit is handcrafted and uses the best materials and processes, which are driven by our understanding of industry needs, such as hygiene and safety.

We are passionate about forging change in the wellness industry. Our vision is to be a total solutions house for the wellness industry. Research, development and innovation is a focus for our team as they strive to create “experience centres” that are beyond industry expectation.

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