HydroCocoon Steam Pod


An incredible relaxation and rejuvenation experience.
Compact, stand alone – luxurious.

Our ‘HydroCocoon’ personal steam pod is powered by HydroSteam – so Australian built reliability and operational longevity is assured! 
A very stylish, one person steam pod to sit and relax in almost any environment you choose. Moulded from sanitary grade acrylic, all surfaces are smooth and easy to clean after use.

The HydroCocoon can be installed either stand-alone or connected to the buildings plumbing.

For stand- alone units, simply fill the HydroCocoon with 10 litres (1 bucket) of water and plug into a standard 10 Amp power outlet – you are now steaming!

Alternatively, connect to the building’s cold water supply and drain line.

Bathers sit on a soft waterproof cushion in a slightly reclined position and simply relax whilst hot steam saturates within the pod. The bather can control temperature, time and optional features that may be fitted (see options) via the colour Touch Screen Control.

For Residential and commercial use – we build specification accordingly.


  • Hand Shower
  • RGB multi-colour Chromotherapy lighting
  • Mist- Sprays

Weight: 60 kgs
Power Consumption: 2200 watts MAX