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Can I install HydroSteam in my existing shower? 
No, you need to build the shower room to cater for the high volume of steam. Shower walls and ceiling are to be water-proof and door must seal the steam within the shower area.

When is it best to install HydroSteam into my shower? 
During a new shower build or renovation of existing shower. A plumber can locate steam fittings & controls during this process.

Do we require special trades & services to install HydroSteam?
No, general plumbing and electrical works are all that is required – electrical supply, water supply and a drain.

Can the HydroSteam Generator be installed in the roof space above shower?
Yes, the generator can be installed above, below or alongside the shower – at any level up to 10 metres (30ft) away from the shower. The generator is compact and the size of a large Brief-Case/Hat Box.

Is the HydroSteam noisy when operating? 
No, there are no pumps within the generator to make noise. There is a soothing hissing noise as the steam enters the steam shower through the steam-inlet.

Do we need a seat in the HydroSteam shower? 
A seat is not a necessity however it is recommended so that you can sit & relax during a steam session. HydroSteam offer fold-away seating OR you can build a bench seat as part of the shower build.

How long does it take for HydroSteam to generate steam?
HydroSteam will generate steam within 2-3 minutes from when it is switched on via the control panel.

Is there regular maintenance required of the HydroSteam? 
Yes, minimal maintenance is required. The HydroSteam has an automatic fresh water self-flushing feature to maintain hygienic conditions and to prolong heater element life.

The HydroSteam generator is similar to a kettle except it simply fills itself with water and creates steam and then self drains after use. However, as the quality of drinking water varies from location to location and some water may have high calcium/minerals content it is recommended that the heater elements are de-scaled periodically – the HydroSteam Touch Screen will display a message to prompt the de-scale process. De-scaling is straight forward process that can be performed by the owner.

Does HydroSteam consume lots of water & energy? 
No, the HydroSteam uses approximately 7-10 litres of water for a 30 minute steam session, that’s equivalent to One (1) bucket of water. The generator uses around the same energy as operating an air conditioner for 30 minutes.

What is used to De-Scale the heater elements? 
HydroSteam supply ‘DE-SCALER’ a citric acid based compound that is a non-hazardous natural occurring product. It is environmentally friendly and very effective in removing scale build up on heater elements in steam generators, coffee machines, kettles etc.

Where is HydroSteam manufactured? 
HydroSteam is manufactured by us right here in Australia. HydroCo is an International leading brand of HydroTherapy equipment visit to learn more.

Hydroco - the steam shower manufacturer

HydroCo is an Australian-based design and manufacturing company with a reputation for delivering premium products and services to the wellness industry. From humble beginnings as a hydrotherapy manufacturer in Melbourne, Australia, HydroCo have grown into a global operation. With our office in Melbourne we have touched more than 1000 spas in over 50 countries in the last decade.

Every hydrotherapy unit is handcrafted and uses the best materials and processes, which are driven by our understanding of industry needs, such as hygiene and safety.

We are passionate about forging change in the wellness industry. Our vision is to be a total solutions house for the wellness industry. Research, development and innovation is a focus for our team as they strive to create “experience centres” that are beyond industry expectation.

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