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    As Australia’s premier Spa & Beauty Therapy Educator, we are proud of our long standing association with HydroCo and its founder, Brian Gay. In a word, HydroCo are ‘innovators’. In another word, they are ‘leaders’ in our industry. Brian Gay has single handedly changed the face of our industry through product innovation over the past 15 years. You will find HydroCo equipment in the world’s leading Spas and Resorts. Their equipment is stylish, functional, therapist friendly, above all built to last and is often imitated. The latest range of water saving equipment is also environmentally and user friendly. The challenges that our industry faces with water consumption has been addressed with the latest HydroCo equipment, including ‘Time’ and ‘Suzi’. Our students have learnt on HydroCo equipment and we use the equipment in our Hepburn Spa facility in Daylesford. HydroCo are currently installing a ‘bespoke’ custom designed thermal experience room in our city spa. The after sales support and training has been beyond expectations and I have no hesitation in recommending HydroCo. Alex Zotos, Principal – Elly Lukas

    Hydroco - the steam shower manufacturer

    HydroCo is an Australian-based design and manufacturing company with a reputation for delivering premium products and services to the wellness industry. From humble beginnings as a hydrotherapy manufacturer in Melbourne, Australia, HydroCo have grown into a global operation. With our office in Melbourne we have touched more than 1000 spas in over 50 countries in the last decade.

    Every hydrotherapy unit is handcrafted and uses the best materials and processes, which are driven by our understanding of industry needs, such as hygiene and safety.

    We are passionate about forging change in the wellness industry. Our vision is to be a total solutions house for the wellness industry. Research, development and innovation is a focus for our team as they strive to create “experience centres” that are beyond industry expectation.

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