Steam Shower – Spa luxury at home. Overview.

Bathroom with Steam Room

Turn your shower into your own private steam room.

Can I install HydroSteam in my existing shower? 
No, you need to build the shower room to cater for the high volume of steam. Shower walls and ceiling are to be water-proof and door must seal the steam within the shower area.

When is it best to install HydroSteam into my shower? 
During a new shower build or renovation of existing shower. A plumber can locate steam fittings & controls during this process.

Do we require special trades & services to install HydroSteam?
No, general plumbing and electrical works are all that is required – electrical supply, water supply and a drain.

Can the HydroSteam Generator be installed in the roof space above shower?
Yes, the generator can be installed above, below or alongside the shower – at any level up to 10 metres (30ft) away from the shower. The generator is compact and the size of a large Brief-Case/Hat Box.

Is the HydroSteam noisy when operating? 
No, there are no pumps within the generator to make noise. There is a soothing hissing noise as the steam enters the steam shower through the steam-inlet.

Do we need a seat in the HydroSteam shower? 
A seat is not a necessity however it is recommended so that you can sit & relax during a steam session. HydroSteam offer fold-away seating OR you can build a bench seat as part of the shower build.

How long does it take for HydroSteam to generate steam?
HydroSteam will generate steam within 2-3 minutes from when it is switched on via the control panel.

Key features
Only three (3) new components are required to turn your new shower into a steam shower.

1. Touch screen control / Temperature sensor 
2. Steam-head with fragrance reservoir
3. HydroSteam generator with auto flush & drain system

HydroSteam suits virtually any shower design. Your plumber/builder installs HydroSteam in much the same way as a hot water service is installed. It’s easy!