Turn your shower into a steam room.
It’s easy.

You can now experience the luxury and benefits of steam in your own shower.
HydroSteam is surprisingly affordable and very easy to install.
HydroSteam. Feeling better.

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The benefits of using steam for your and your family’s health and wellbeing are endless.

From noticeable improvement of your breathing, nourishment of your skin all they way through to toxin removal, Hydrosteam will leave you calm, relaxed and rejuvenated for anything life has planned.

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World Spa Listing

Our equipment has been installed in over 35 countries in Europe, Australasia, North America & Africa.


  • Bucket showering
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  • Bucket showering image

Don’t miss the Bucket-Bliss waterfall Hot & Cold showering at its most exhilarating!

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Hydroco - the steam shower manufacturer

HydroCo is an Australian-based design and manufacturing company with a reputation for delivering premium products and services to the wellness industry. From humble beginnings as a hydrotherapy manufacturer in Melbourne, Australia, HydroCo have grown into a global operation. With our office in Melbourne we have touched more than 1000 spas in over 50 countries in the last decade.

Every hydrotherapy unit is handcrafted and uses the best materials and processes, which are driven by our understanding of industry needs, such as hygiene and safety.

We are passionate about forging change in the wellness industry. Our vision is to be a total solutions house for the wellness industry. Research, development and innovation is a focus for our team as they strive to create “experience centres” that are beyond industry expectation.

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