Turn your shower into your own private steam room.

It’s easy.
Steam’s natural properties offer so many health benefits for all age groups (from children to the elderly) that it’s fast becoming a must have addition to the modern bathroom.

Affordable luxury.
You can now experience the luxury and benefits of steam in your own shower. HydroSteam is surprisingly affordable and very easy to install.

From basic steam to a more enhanced experience.
Enhance your steam shower with the addition of our Mist-Spray / RGB multi colour light BOX and our SWISS body jets. We also offer a great range of shower fixtures to choose from.

Key features
Only three (3) new components are required to turn your new shower into a steam shower.

1. Touch screen control / Temperature sensor
2. Steam-head with fragrance reservoir
3. HydroSteam generator with auto flush & drain system

HydroSteam suits virtually any shower design. Your plumber/builder installs HydroSteam in much the same way as a hot water service is installed. It’s easy!

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